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Freedom Excursion

What is Freedom Excursion (FE)?

Freedom Excursion is a ministry that encompasses the works done in Luke 4:18-19, preaching good news to the poor, opening blind eyes, releasing captives and prisoners, and proclaiming the favorable year of the Lord. Our approach for ministering to people follows the example set by Jesus in this passage.

FE is a "freedom and inner-healing" ministry founded by our Senior Pastor's, Clint and Kami Collins. Freedom Excursion is designed to offer you everyday tools to walk through this life without all the "baggage" that seems to weigh you down.

FE is not not a lecture based seminar that you attend, but it is a practical and experiencial based weekend that will change your life. You'll leave refreshed, encouraged, and equipped with the tools to walk in freedom that can be used througout your daily life. Freedom Excursion Weekend (FE) is offered several times per year at Life Church in Big Spring, TX or at your local church upon an invitation. The weekend begins Friday evening where we begin to identify different types of barriers that prevent us from walking in complete freedom in Christ. Your journey to freedom continues Saturday with an emphasis on hearing a specific word from the Savior, and culminates with a powerful celebration of God’s freedom Sunday evening. Many who have attended the Freedom Excursion weekend are amazed at the life changing freedom experienced in such a short amount of time.  We believe that it is because the participant does not hear a bunch of good information, it's more because they experience freedom in a tangible way and receive a specific and direct word from God.

How does FREEDOM EXCURSION benefit you?

Freedom Excursion is designed to help you become who you were created and redeemed to be. In Christ, we have the ability to enjoy spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical freedom. Obstacles such as lack of understanding, fear, unforgiveness, and childhood experiences can lead to uncontrolled emotions, compulsive thoughts, or broken relationships. All of these hinder our joy and spiritual power. Freedom Excursion teaches and equips us with knowledge to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome these obstacles so that we can experience the abundant life that Jesus provided for us.

Do I have to be a Life Church member to attend Freedom Excursion?

No.  In fact, a large percentage of our attendees come from many different cities, religions, backgrounds and churches or none at all. Freedom Excursion is designed to relate to you right where you are no matter what your story or background is.

Is this ministry for people who are really messed up?

No.  The unique nature of our FE weekend is designed to meet you exactly where you are.  Whether you are in a crisis in your life or just desire a greater level of freedom, you will receive tools to live a lifestyle of freedom no matter where you are in life.

Is Freedom Excursion only held in Big Spring, TX?

No.  Although, FE is a ministry of Life Church, we host Freedom Excursion weekends upon an invitation to your local church.  Also, ask us about becoming a Freedom Excursion affiliate church.  Here your church can commission a person to become a trained facilitator and host your own Freedom Excursions at the direction of your senior pastor.


Your journey to freedom begins by attending our Freedom Excursion Weekend.  Next we offer the “Walking in Freedom Discipleship Course”. You can participate in this discipleship course by ordering it for yourself or your church. If you are in our area we welcome you to register for one of our Walking in Freedom Discipleship classes or Small Groups immediately following our Freedom Excursion Weekends. For more information about Freedom Excursion Ministry or to order “Walking in Freedom Discipleship Course”, please contact us at or check out our event dates on this page. For any other questions, contact us at 432-263-7714 or


Once you’ve attended a Freedom Excursion Weekend and completed our Walking In Freedom Discipleship Course there are several other ministry opportunities available in FE Ministry:

Become a Freedom Excursion team member:

Give back by becoming a Freedom Excursion Minister yourself! You can do this by attending our FE Ministers Training hosted several times a year then serve on a Freedom Excursion team.

Individual Ministry Sessions:

If, after you have worked through the process, you desire a personal ministry session, we ask that you complete a Freedom Excursion Ministry Questionnaire. The questionnaire is available by emailing   Once that is completed and you have met the requirements for personal ministry, your name will be placed on a list for our first available minister or ministry team.

For additional information or questions on upcoming Freedom Excursion Weekend Dates, see how your can host an FE at your church, or to Attend an FE Ministers Training feel free to contacts us at or call us at (432) 263-7714.

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